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2024-2025 College Catalog and Student Handbook 
2024-2025 College Catalog and Student Handbook

Threat Assessment Team (TAT)

The Code of Virginia Section 23.1-805 defines the makeup of the threat assessment teams for institutions of higher education. At a minimum, the team must include members from law enforcement, mental health professionals, and representatives of student affairs and human resources.

Each threat assessment team member shall complete a minimum of eight hours of initial training within 12 months of appointment to the threat assessment team and shall complete a minimum of two hours of threat assessment training each academic year thereafter.

The mission of the RCC Threat Assessment Team (TAT) is to determine if an individual(s) pose, or may pose, a threat of danger or violence to self, other individuals, or the RCC community and to conduct timely evaluations and deliver intervention strategies to avert the threat and maintain campus safety.

The TAT is coordinated by the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services and the Dean of Student Development. The team is comprised of faculty, staff, a law enforcement professional, and a mental health professional who come together to address referrals for assessment and intervention with individuals whose behavior may pose a threat to the safety of an individual, group, and/or the campus community.

The TAT shall serve as the college resource to review all matters that involve a threat of violence. If there is any doubt regarding whether a case should be referred to the TAT, the case shall be referred, and the TAT will determine what action, if any is appropriate.

Each case referred to the TAT is managed with confidentiality and by professionals trained in the process of evaluating potential concerns/threats and obtaining necessary services, and/or taking other appropriate actions. The team’s objective is to evaluate, manage, and develop intervention and prevention strategies for potentially dangerous or threatening individuals or situations.

The TAT utilizes a standard protocol, and the following steps might be initiated or be included in an evaluation: Identify the specifics of the alleged threat; evaluate the seriousness of the threat; if necessary, intervene to reduce the risk of violence and follow-up to monitor and re-evaluate the effectiveness of the safety plan.

The TAT consists of the following team members:

  • Law Enforcement Professional
  • Vice President of Administrative Services & Technology
  • Vice President of Instruction 
  • Dean of Student Development
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Teaching Faculty
  • Academic Dean(s) and/or others as requested
  • CSB Mental Health Professional
  • VCCS Legal Counsel will be consulted as deemed appropriate

Call 911 immediately if a dangerous or threatening situation exists at the college.

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