May 19, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog and Student Handbook 
2023-2024 College Catalog and Student Handbook

Uniform Certificate of General Studies (UCGS)

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CIP Code: 24.0199

The Uniform Certificate of General Studies (UCGS) is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year public college or university in Virginia.  When completed, the UCGS will satisfy lower-division general education requirements at all four-year public colleges and universities in Virginia. Students should select courses in general education that best align to their major requirements. 

Admission and Course Placement Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into this program requires proficiency in English and mathematics. Students whose placement by VPT or other measures indicates a need for further preparation will be placed in the appropriate developmental courses in English and mathematics. Although developmental course credits do not apply toward the degree, these courses prepare students for collegiate-level work.

Courses used to satisfy requirements for this certificate must be taken on or after May 1, 2020. All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better for a student to be awarded the UCGS. 

Students are required to select courses from each block as prescribed below.

1) Block I (Written Communication)

Select ENG 111 plus one other course

2) Block II (Humanities /Art/Literature)

Select two courses from different categories (please note that the two courses cannot be from the same category).

5) Block V (Mathematics)

Select one course in either category.

Quantitative/Statistics Pathway:

Calculus Pathway:

7) Block VII (Specialized GE Requirements)

Select two courses.

NOTE: For Block VII, students may complete courses from Blocks I-VI above or any additional course below.  Students should align their Block VII course selection with their intended transfer destination’s specific general education or programmatic requirements.

  • (3 Credits)
  • (3 Credits)
  • (3 Credits)
  • (3 Credits)
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    * MTH 161/162 should only be taken by students preparing for calculus or for four-year degree programs that require study in College Algebra/PreCalc.  Precalculus may not satisfy general education and may not receive transfer credit at your transfer institution.

  • Additional Information

    The Uniform Certificate of General Studies (UCGS) is a 31 to 32-credit-hour program in which all courses are transferable and satisfy lower-division general education requirements at any Virginia public institution of higher education. The UCGS consists of seven-course blocks. To satisfy the UCGS, students are required to complete the appropriate number of courses in each block, as described below. Student course selection should be carefully considered since the UCGS program is not designed to capture the complexities of individual programs of study at four-year institutions. Students should consult an advisor to take the UCGS course that best suits their intended program of study at the four-year institution. 

    Courses offered at Rappahannock Community College are listed above.  Approved UCGS courses taken at other VCCS colleges may be transferred and applied to the UCGS with approval for course substitution from the Dean, provided at least 25% of all credits needed for the UCGS are earned at Rappahannock Community College.



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